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Ms. FANGFANG PAN is an outstanding educator and Chairman of the Global Outstanding Chinese Artists Association, an extraordinary piano educator Associate member of Grammy, the guest lecturer of the Xinghai Concert Hall ABRSM (Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music) graded-exam lecture series. The founder and education director of Guangzhou Yayun-Poly Music & Art Studio. 


Judges of the ZhongSin International Music Competition (Singapore), the Chopin International Piano Competition for Young Pianists and many other major piano competitions. Moreover, Ms. Fangfang Pan successfully introduced major music events from Hong Kong and Macau into China mainland, which has made great contributions to the music education of China mainland as well as the culture exchange between special administrative regions and the mainland. 


Ms. Fangfang Pan participated as judges in multiple major art competitions, she was also the Director of Juries of the composition contest of the San Francisco International New-concept Filmfest, and the Artistic Director of America-Asia Art Group. At the same time, she established the Global Outstanding Chinese Artists Association which is based in San Francisco and the GOCAA International Piano Competition (GIPC), as well as the GOCAA International Vocal Competition (GIVC) and the GOCAA International  Strings Competition (GISC). As the founder and chairman of GOCAA and the International music Competitions, Ms. Fangfang Pan has led numerous rising young talents from all over the world showing their talents in music on many different stages world-widely. Hundreds of these young talented pianists’ recitals and concerto concerts were held, which gives each of them great opportunities in becoming a better and a more mature artist. 


Due to the success of GOCAA International Piano Competition (America Division), July 29th is announced as GOCAA Day by Mayor of San Mateo, America. And Ms. Fangfang Pan has been awarded Outstanding Contribution Awards several times from different cities.


Ms. Fangfang Pan has been performing with couple excellent musicians in duo forms, such as Ms. Anna Maria Mendieta, the principal harpist with the Sacramento Philharmonic; Mr. Matthew Linaman, cello professor from the Pre-college of San Francisco Conservatory of Music. The Time Gramophone Concert Series they performed through cities from America, Canada to China has been awarded Outstanding Artists Awards and reported by major medias like World Daily, Singtao Daily, News for Chinese, Sino Television,,, G&E AM1510 Radio, etc. The performance highlights include a tour of Guangzhou, Dongguan, Sanya, Guiyang, Chongqing, Yichang, Hefei, Shijiazhuang, China performing The Prayer, Piano & Cello Duo Concert in 2019 which was also performed in Palo Alto, America and The University Women’s Club of Vancouver, Canada in 2018, as well as performances of The Most Beautiful Love Poem Of The World —— Piano & Recital Concert at the Palace of Ulan Muqir in 2018, a tour of San Francisco, Palo Alto, America, Shenzhen China, performing Somewhere in Time, Piano & Harp Duo Concert in 2017 and I Lost My Heart In San Francisco, Piano Concert in San Mateo, America, in 2016.

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