the Conducting Course is FREE for piano students

Prof. Stefano Miceli

Course Description.

Through the development of sound basic conducting technique, students will begin to appreciate the relationship between gesture and sound. 

Course Goals and Student Learning Objectives: 

The students will demonstrate musical ideas clearly and efficiently through fundamental conducting gesture. The conducting gesture includes appropriate posture, the use of the baton, expressive and independent use of both hands, beat patterns, cueing, and control of tempo, dynamics and phrase shaping. The student will also study and/or review elements of instrument transposition and musical terminology.

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

-  Explain and demonstrate proper posture for the conductor.

-  Explain and demonstrate appropriate use of the baton, hand position and conducting plane.

-  Demonstrate expressive use of both hands as related to the musical ideas in the score.

-  Demonstrate professional stage presence and emotional communication while conducting in class.

-  Conduct in a variety of styles including legato, staccato, etc.

-  Conduct selected beat patterns and mixed meters.
-  Effectively cue parts of the ensemble.
-  Define musical terms as appropriate to the knowledge of a conductor.

-  Understand the transpositions of instruments as related to the score.

-  Describe the role of the conductor. 

    One daily group lesson is required 



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