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AUGUST  3 - 7


Professor Francesco Borali
(Milan, Italy)
Violin Professor at the Scuola Civica di Musica di Milano "Claudio Abbado"
Concertmaster at Milano Metropolitan Orchestra and violinist at La Scala Philharmonic 

The purpose of the VIOLIN PERFORMANCE PROGRAM with a major in performance and specialization in violin is:


for Basic and Intermediate levels: 

- to provide students with the tools necessary to develop their technique and musicianship through the study and performance of music from various periods and genres;

- to familiarize students with various aspects of being a musician/performer;

For Advanced Level: 

- to increase students’ preparedness to apply upon graduation for continued study in graduate performance degrees at the highest quality institutions and to help especially gifted students prepare for immediate entry upon graduation into the professional arena;

- to encourage students to investigate an expanded array of professional opportunities in the field of music;

- to prepare students for professional careers in music through participation in performances, lectures/master classes, national and international competitions, and cultural exchanges.

One daily  lesson is required.


For Professional Orchestra Auditions:


The Violin Performance Program Course is open to those violin students would like to approach or perfection the orchestra repertoire as orchestra members: “passi
d’orchestra”, focal scores from both lyric and symphonic repertoires  major opera houses and philharmonic orchestras require. 


The Violin course requires 5 individual lessons in 5 days.



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